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Crowns have been a common practice and treatment used in general dentistry for many years. Traditionally a tooth is prepared for a crown, impressions made and a temporary placed for a couple of weeks. The patient returns to have the permanent crown fitted and cemented in. However due to updates in technology, dentists are now capable of making crowns right in the office without the need for additional appointments, temporaries coming off or nasty impression materials. The technology used at Alliance Dental Group in Cotswold is a CAD-CAM and CEREC machine. The CAD-CAM makes a 3-D digital image of the tooth and transmits that data to the CEREC milling machine. Lab quality crowns are made right in the office, and dentists are able to customize and make the crowns more accurate by having hands-on control of the fit and design of the crown all at chairside. Patients are finished up in one visit that normally takes about 1.5-2 hours to complete.


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